Auto enthusiasts from all walks of life love a car show. Whether you are one of the lucky few who owns a prized classic automobile or one who simply dreams of the day, car shows are big business.

While the vehicle itself is truly the star, the displays at car shows work to showcase the ride in its best light. And while that can mean lighting, in particular, it also goes beyond to signs, mirrors, floor mats, display boards, and, of course, the ever-present red carpet.

Red carpet is a popular choice for auto shows and trade show flooring for the same reason it is used for film premieres, ribbon-cutting ceremonies, restaurant openings, and a wide variety of other events. It adds a wow factor and signifies the event as upscale and exclusive. Car shows draw affluent consumers and red carpets are right up their alley!

Popular Carpets for Car Shows

Just like auto custom carpets, red carpet is used often tailored for use at car and trade show flooring; however, there are a wide variety of other popular choices as well. Whether the auto owner displays a prized vehicle on carpet or another surface (such as wood or tile), floor mats or red carpets for car shows should complement the vehicle and not detract from it. Red is a great choice for many but could work against a red automobile if the shades do not enhance each other. Some like to add extra flair with a checkerboard pattern or other designs.

The carpet used in auto show displays needs to be durable and long-lasting, able to withstand frequent use yet lightweight enough to make it easy to move and store in between shows. Outdoor carpet and artificial turf work well in these settings.

Street carpet” or “street turf” designed to look like an actual roadway (typically a black background and painted yellow and white traffic lines) is a great choice to showcase what the vehicle would look like on the open road. Enthusiasts can picture themselves behind the wheel and taking the classic auto for a spin!

Our customers love to use street rugs for their car show displays

Carpet squares can also be used for auto show displays to create a custom design (these work well for checkerboard displays).

The carpet or other flooring acts to frame your display—just as you’d want a quality frame for an expensive and prized piece of art, the car should be showcased by a frame worthy of its style. A classic auto might demand a different setting than a modern day hot rod and owners should factor this into design choices.

Heavy-duty outdoor carpet can also be personalized for an extra touch of class and some owners use personalization as a way to make their displays stand out from the crowd. Red carpet is certainly a favorite, but you might consider other options to differentiate your display from the rest. Using an unexpected color may give the display a wow factor!

Car Show Display Ideas

Beyond the street rug or outdoor carpet used, there are additional ways to enhance your display with other accessories and ways to get noticed. An attractive and well thought out display is a must to show both the attendees as well as the judges that your auto is worthy of top recognition!

Typically, some type of roping or barrier is used around the vehicle, which should complement the flooring chosen.  A velvet rope display works nicely with a red carpet, as the two typically go hand in hand at other upscale events.

Want to keep the kids from getting fingerprints on your sparkling windows? Rope barriers will help.

Before choosing the carpet or other accessories, you will need to follow the show’s sizing guidelines, which are typically 10×20 or 20×20 displays. Bear in mind the 20×20 spots are typically reserved for the cream of the crop, so most autos will fill the 10×10 displays at a show.

However, a 10×10 display can still pack a lot of punch with the right setup and an attractive, attention-grabbing design.

The indoor lighting in the car show venue may not always enhance the displays; therefore, additional lighting can be critical to show off the car in its best light. Lighting around the perimeter of the display can enhance certain features you want to draw attention to, from the color of the vehicle to its wheels. Undercar lighting is a great way to ensure attendees and judges see the underside of the car; without it, some of your hard work on the vehicle may go unnoticed. Additionally, there may be some interior features you wish to showcase with small mounted lights.

Kick plates, which are required at some car shows, can allow you to hide the wiring around your display, making it more attractive and clutter-free. They are typically aluminum, though wood can be a less costly option.

A high-quality custom display board placed next to the vehicle tells judges and attendees all of the important information about the car from the make, model, and year to its engine specifications and history. You should ensure the graphic design on the display board ties in nicely with all of the other elements of the display, from the carpeting to the vehicle itself. An A-frame pop-up display can be transported easily from show to show and should be stored in a protective case to keep it looking fresh.

Now that’s a car show display that looks snazzy!

Think outside the box for ways to make your display stand out, but be sure your creativity stays within the specific rules and regulations of the show!

Car Shows: Fun for the Whole Family

Car shows can be a fun red carpet experience for people of all ages. If attending with children, show them some of the makes and models they will see at the show and encourage them to choose a favorite. Take them to see an auto that was the first purchased by their great-grandfather or the dream car you wanted as a teenager. A car show experience can be turned into a game of sorts, with a competition among family members to locate rare features or particularly prized classic automobiles.