It’s getting to be that time of year again! You know that time, when people start planning their holiday work parties, and thinking about their own holiday breaks for some R&R.

Whether it’s the new Christmas party you’re handling this year, or an established holiday event, the easier it is to decorate, the less stress gets added onto your plate!

Custom size rugs could be just what you’re looking for. Available in several different colors and any size you need, they can add a little bit of style and wonder to your design.

Even better, they work whether you’re hosting that party inside or outdoors. All you have to figure out, is which one’s the best option for you.

Why You Want a Custom Sized Rug

Even if your chosen location for the holiday party already has carpeted floors, a custom sized rug can help add a pop of color to add some festivity to the mood.

Your office carpet could be a little old and showing the wear and tear of daily use. The venue you rented could have a bland colored carpet.

Or maybe you’re hosting an event outside and you want to make it feel more like a special event, and less like a backyard party. You’ll be able to easily put together a festive look that you can enjoy, and that your guests are going to enjoy too.

String up some lights above a carpet runner to make a festive entrance!

String up some lights above a carpet runner to make a festive entrance!

Too Much Noise at a Party Makes Conversations Hard

Say you’re planning this holiday work party in a space where the floors aren’t carpeted. Have you ever noticed how it can sound loud and echo-y sometimes?

You may not have thought about it, but hard surface floors actually create a lot of noise when you walk across them. Sure, if the floor is laid properly and relatively new, it shouldn’t squeak, but shoes on the floor can make a whole lot of noise.

You probably don’t want to hear the click of dress shoes across the floor all night long for your party. With a rug, you won’t have that problem.

Not to mention, all that excited chatter and laughter. Using a rug to add some color to the decorations is a quick and easy fix to add to your list of holiday work party ideas.

How to Pick the Best Custom Size Rug

The most important thing is to think about your needs. If you’re looking for a rug for a special occasion, you don’t want to spend a lot of money when you’re just going to put it away later.

But what if it’s a rug that you could reuse year after year, or even for multiple parties a year?

You want something you can enjoy for the duration of your event, and then put away when you’re done with it. And it helps if it’s not so overly dramatic that it sticks out like a sore thumb at your party.

That means finding something a little more simple, but still high quality. A solid color rug can be a great way to go because it gives you a great way to accent your current color scheme without taking away from it.

You’ll also want a rug that stays where you put it, which means that a backing could be a good idea. These make sure the rug doesn’t slip when you lay it down, and they add a little bit more cushion on the rug as well.

That means it’s going to feel even softer when you step on it. After all, who wants a rug that’s hard and stiff under their feet? That’s what hard surface floors are for!

Just maybe, those heels that get brought out only for the special parties won’t hurt so much after hours of standing on a bit of extra cushion.

Just What Your Party Needs

When you’re planning that special event it can be difficult to picture just what the perfect decorations are going to look like.

You’re about to create a marvelous holiday atmosphere with a custom size rug to pull everything together. These are the top picks for any party, whether you’re looking to have it indoors in a sleek and formal hall, outdoors in your office complex, or anywhere in between.

After all, you want your holiday work party to be the best one around, right? Making sure the décor looks amazing goes a long way.

Some fresh greenery, a custom size rug, and some lights are all the decorations you'll need.

Some fresh greenery, a custom size rug, and some lights are all the decorations you’ll need.

Guide Your Guests Using a Street Rug

What if you decide to make it a family friendly holiday work party? Even if it’s adults only, this is a great idea for a creative office Christmas party decoration.

This super fun rug is a favorite for themed parties and definitely for kids. It looks just like the road that you drive on every day and it’s available in custom sizes, by the square foot. What your young guests will find is that this type of rug is super fun to play on.

What your older guests will find is that it leads them directly where they want to go.

Just head down the road and they’ll find the drinks, the food, and the entertainment. It’s all about how you decide to decorate and use this rug to your own advantage.

Adding Festive Glamour with Red Indoor/Outdoor Carpet

Who doesn’t love the idea of someone rolling out the red carpet just for them? Well, that’s the way your guests are going to feel too.

They will love the idea of someone making a big deal about them coming to the Christmas party, even if it’s at the office. Especially if it makes the room easier to find in a big building.

You can also order this red carpet by the square foot, so you can make sure it leads exactly where you want it to, from the front of the building to the back, from the food to the entertainment or anywhere else you like.

Use this carpet indoors or outdoors to make the perfect event scene.

When you need a custom size rug for an extra large space, Rug Street can help.

When you need a custom size rug for an extra large space, Rug Street can help.

Make it Playful with Green Indoor/Outdoor Carpet

Green is another festive and beautiful color for the holiday season and it looks great with any décor.

You can add the Christmas spirit in a way that feels fun, without feeling so formal as a red carpet. I bet this carpet would make a great photo op with everyone’s ugly Christmas sweaters on display.

That doesn’t mean you have to relegate it to the tacky decor though. If you’re playing up the beauty of nature or you’re looking for something high class, it’s also a beautiful option.

You could make a wonderful entrance with this carpet, and line the sides with big lanterns for a winter night.

Once again, you can find this available by the square foot all the way up to 12 feet wide.

Have a Christmas sweater or pajama runway with a green carpet!

Have a Christmas sweater or pajama runway with a green carpet!

Product Pricing

No one wants to think that they can’t afford the best look because of price, right? But sometimes, well, the hard truth is that you need to look at that price tag.

Luckily, with Rug Street you’re actually getting great quality rugs at prices that you can afford. We’re highly competitive in the market and we can even bind the edges on each of our custom size rugs for an extra charge.

Looking for a lot of carpeting for a special event space? Well, you’re still in luck because you can actually get discounts when it comes to buying entire rolls or even multiple rolls.

Whether you’re looking for a 6-foot rug or a 12-foot rug, there are plenty of options. That means getting your entire space looking great for the party is going to be easier than ever.

Let us Help You Find the Perfect Custom Size Rug

Anyone who has ever thrown a party knows how important it is to get your space looking great. With the right rug you can do just that, and with Rug Street, you know you’re getting the right rug!

If you’d like a personalized recommendation for your holiday custom size rug, give us a call at 480.635.8643 or email: to find out the best options for your space.

You sure would be disappointed if we ran out of that perfect red carpet before you get some for your perfectly themed party!